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singapura cat


There are conflicting stories surrounding the origination of the Singapura. It does seem however, that natural Singapurans were found in Singapore. ..

smoke cat


A Smoke cat is a domestic long-haired cat. The beautiful coat coloring usually comes with a silvery undercoat, with the topcoat having color points. ..

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snowshoe cat


The Snowshoe is a short-haired, natural breed of cat. It is a bit similar in looks to the Siamese cat. It was in the late 1960's that Dorothy Hinds..

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sokoke cat


Compared to other breeds of cat, the rare Sokoke Forest Cat is a fairly new natural breed. It comes from the Sokoke district of eastern Kenya but was ..

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somali cat


The Somali is a medium- to longhaired Abyssinian. It was in Britain that the original introduction of the longhaired gene took place. The first Som..

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Stone Cougar

Once again the Stone Cougar, also referred to as the Mountain Cougar or Chausie, is a cat that was developed to resemble a wild cat but that is actual..

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The Sumxu is an odd-looking cat with its droopy ears or drop-ears. The truth is, the cat is considered extinct and the last reported Chinese lop-eared..


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