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ussuri cat


Not much is known about the Ussuri cat but it does seem to be a rare natural cat breed. The cat originates from Russia but is rare even in that countr..

blue russian cat

Blue Russian

The Blue Russian is a rare cat and not much is known about its origins, but it is believed that the cat comes from northern Russia. The Cat Fancier..

don sphynx cat

Don Sphynx

Of Rusian origin, the Don Sphynx is an interesting looking, hairless breed. The cat came about in 1987 when a hairless cat was seen in Rostov-on-Don, ..

peterbald cat


As a newer and rare cat breed, the Peterbald cat’s history is somewhat limited. The breed was first developed in 1994, when a Russian breeder named..

russian blue cat

Russian Blue

It is believed that this beautiful cat originates from Russia, and more specifically the Archangel Isles. It is also thought that these cats descen..

siberian cat


The beautiful Siberian cat originated from Russia, a very cold area which explains his thick coat. This is a natural variety of domestic cat. It is..


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