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tabby cat


The Tabby isn’t a cat breed but rather a certain cat pattern. So the Tabby has lots of different coat colors and patterns and the cat comes in differe..

United Kingdom
tiger cat cat

Tiger Cat

The Tiger cat isn’t actually one breed as such, as it certainly isn’t a combination cat from a mating between a Tiger and a domestic cat as that is ju..

United States
tonkinese cat


It was about in 1960 that a breeding program was established for these cats. The Tonkinese is a cat that hails from Canada and it was a certain Jane B..

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The Torby is a rare cat and the name ‘Torbie’ is shortened for Tortoiseshell-tabby. They are known for their tri-colored coats. In fact, when a cat ha..

United States
tortoiseshell cat


The Tortoiseshell isn’t a cat breed but rather a coat coloring of cats. It just happens that most tortoiseshell cats are females. Known as Torties,..

United States
toyger cat


The Toyger is a domestic cat developed from breeding Shorthaired Tabbies to look like a small Tiger. It has the striped coat of the Tiger. The pers..

United States
traditional siamese cat

Traditional Siamese

There are now three types of Siamese cats. The Traditional Siamese is said to be the original cat imported from Thailand. The Classic was the type ..

turkish angora cat

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is a very old breed that naturally developed. It is thought that the breed developed in Turkey in the Ankara region formerly known ..

tuxedo cat


The Tuxedo cat is essentially a black and white cat and the name comes from him looking like he is dressed in a formal tuxedo. Tuxedos aren’t a new..

United States
van kedisi cat

Van Kedisi

The Van Kedisi cat or Cat of Van as it is also known is a domestic cat that hails from the Lake Van region of Turkey. There are historians who agre..

york chocolate cat cat

York Chocolate Cat

The York Chocolate cat is often referred to simply as the York. The cat was developed in New York in 1983 by breeder Janet Chiefari. The American bree..

United States
aegean cat


Thought to be the only native Greek variety of cat, the attractive Aegean cats hails from Greece – more specifically the Cycladic Islands of Greece. ..

american bobtail cat

American Bobtail

Bobtailed cats have a naturally shortened tail due to natural genetic mutation. The cat’s original appearance genetics were modified so as to bring ab..

United States
american curl cat

American Curl

The American Curl is well known for its unusual shaped ears and for being one of the youngest cat breeds. It developed in California. The first of ..

United States
american longhair cat

American Longhair

The handsome American Longhair cat is thought to be the result of attempts by breeders to have a cat that portrayed some Persian varieties. America..

United States
ashera cat


Hailing from the USA, and looking similar to the Savannah Cat, the Ashera is a hybrid breed of cat - an exotic domestic cat known as a designer cat t..

United States
asian semi longhair cat

Asian Semi-Longhair

Similar to the Asian Shorthair, the Asian Semi-Longhair with its semi-long fur was developed in the UK in the 1980s and isn’t recognized by any U.S. r..

United Kingdom
bengal cat


What an exquisite coat the Bengal cat has. It looks like the coat of a wild cat and can have spots, marbling, and rosettes, but it is domesticated, de..

United States
bicolor cat


The first thing to know is that a Bicolor cat isn’t in fact a breed. Bicolor is just a term that describes a certain look that a cat has with its coat..

United States
birman cat


There isn’t clarity as to this exquisite cat’s origins. Many people believe they originated as the companions of temple priests in northern Burma. ..

british longhair cat

British Longhair

The British Longhair cat hails from Great Britain. The cat is a longer-haired variety of the British Shorthair. These British Shorthairs were inter..

United Kingdom
british semi longhair cat

British Semi-Longhair

The British semi-Longhair cat is exactly like the British Shorthair except when it comes to the coat length - the hair is longer. During the 20th c..

United Kingdom
california spangled cat cat

California Spangled Cat

People seem to want a cat that resembles some of the wild cats we have, and the California Spangled is a domestic cat that has been bred to resemble s..

United States
chartreux cat


Hailing from France, the Chartreux cat is a rare cat breed but is still recognized by a number of cat registries around the world. It’s not a new b..

cymric cat


The Cymric is a naturally tailless cat although having said that, not every Cymric is completely tailless. It’s actually a long-haired Manx cat thi..

United Kingdom
dilute calico cat

Dilute Calico

The Calico isn’t a breed of cat but is describing a color and pattern of the cat. Many breeds of cats can be calico, and ‘Dilute Calico’ simply means ..

domestic longhaired cat cat

Domestic Longhaired Cat

The Domestic Longhaired cat came about because of various attempts by breeders to bring in certain Persian cat varieties in the American Shorthairs. ..

United States
domestic mediumhair cat

Domestic Mediumhair

It is unclear as to whether the Domestic Mediumhair comes from Egypt, Europe or the USA. It is a mixed breed cat that no one can be sure how it's g..

United States
farm cat cat

Farm Cat

Known also as the Barn Cat, this domestic cat is of a mixed breed. The very name ‘farm cat’ is referring to a general kind of cat that lives in an alm..

United States
ginger tabby cat

Ginger Tabby

All ginger cats are tabbies – they have spots and stripes on their coat. The tabby pattern is a common wild type, and it is believed that medieval cat..

United States
jungle bob cat


This hybrid cat is a cross between a Chausie and a Pixie Bob. What is notable about this cat is that it can have a Bobcat like tail or it can have ..

United States
jungle curl cat


Originating from the United States, the Jungle Curl cat is a cross between the Jungle cat and the American Curl. Several other spotted cat breeds h..

United States
lykoi cat


These cats were first discovered in 2010 in Virginia. It was Patti Thomas who named the breed Lykoi. It was in 2012 that the cat breed went before ..

United States
maine coon cat

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon cat hails from Maine, USA. It’s a natural cat breed with actually little being known of its exact origins. In fact, the first refere..

United States
oriental longhair cat

Oriental Longhair

Your Oriental Longhair cat has his foundations in the Siamese breed. The Siamese came from Thailand to the UK in the 1800s. Sometimes a litter of S..

United Kingdom
norwegian forest cat cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

The beautiful Norwegian Forest cat has a thick fur to survive the snow and icy weather in Norway. It is the official cat of Norway. It originated i..

persian cat


Cat lovers the world over know the Persian cat very well. It's a beautiful long-haired cat breed with its familiar round face and blunt muzzle. It ..

peterbald cat


As a newer and rare cat breed, the Peterbald cat’s history is somewhat limited. The breed was first developed in 1994, when a Russian breeder named..

ragamuffin cat


The beautiful Ragamuffin cat is a domestic feline that was established as a separate breed in 1994. It is a variant of the Ragdoll cat. It was duri..

United States
ragdoll cat


It was in the 1960s that a regular domestic longhaired cat with white fur produced several litters of cats. There was one litter where the kittens wit..

United States
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Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex originated in the USA in 1987. A host of cats have been used to develop this cat breed – Persians, British Shorthairs, Himalayans, Ame..

United States
siberian cat


The beautiful Siberian cat originated from Russia, a very cold area which explains his thick coat. This is a natural variety of domestic cat. It is..

smoke cat


A Smoke cat is a domestic long-haired cat. The beautiful coat coloring usually comes with a silvery undercoat, with the topcoat having color points. ..

United Kingdom
somali cat


The Somali is a medium- to longhaired Abyssinian. It was in Britain that the original introduction of the longhaired gene took place. The first Som..

United States
sphynx cat


The Sphynx cat is well known for its hairlessness. This breed started its development in Toronto, Canada. A hairless kitten was born and it was mat..


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